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“More than any other nation on earth, America has constantly drawn strength and spirit from wave after wave of immigrants.”

- President Bill Clinton


Don’t waste your money. Check with us before you go.   

We will assist you to gather the necessary documentation for the interview and evaluate your chances of getting a visa. We will assist you with the following:  

Visa Applications


  • Booking Appointments

  • Embassy interview prep

  • Interview preparation (Mock Interview)

  • Document Gathering

  • Arrange Complete Package for Submission

  • DNA Testing

  • Medical Examination

  • Police Clearance Certificate

  • Proof of Return, especially to Students and Visitors

  • Fiancée Visa Petition 

  • Visa Extension

  • Visitors Visas

  • Diversity (Green Card Lottery)

  • USCIS Interview Preparation

  • D.N.A Immigration Testing




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